Australia is renowned for its pleasant weather, excellent education and health care system, plenty of open space, beautiful natural scenery, strong rule of law, freedom of speech, a liberal democracy and an opportunity for anyone to succeed. The diversity of cultures found in Australia is also cherished.


If you are considering migrating to Australia, you probably know all of this anyway.  However, if you need more convincing and want an unbiased position of Australia’s place in the world see the below table of rankings by various Think Tanks, Universities, Global Organisations.

  • Ranked first - Number of World's Most Liveable Cities in Top 10 - The Economist 2016
  • Ranked first - Longest period of Economic Growth - OECD 2017
  • Ranked first - Education Index - United Nations 2013
  • Ranked second - Median Wealth per Capita - Credit Suisse 2016
  • Ranked second - Human Development Index (HDI) - United Nations 2016

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