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Employer sponsorship

An employer can sponsor skilled employees if vacancies cannot be filled in the local market.  This can be on a temporary or permanent basis. We can help structure and strategise on international recruitment.

Do you:
- know if you have operated your business for at least 2 years or if startup, you have a business plan
- have financials to show your business operating?
- have staff and an organisation chart?
- know which role you are filling and have got a person in mind?
- any connection with your nominee?
- know if you have done 4 weeks of advertisements across 3 mediums (including Workforce Australia)?

We can help you become a business sponsor and also aim to get accredited (short turnaround approvals for visas).

We also help you do monitoring and compliance if there are quite a few staff on visas.

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Global Talent Employer Sponsors

In Australia, there are special visas for highly talented individuals. We offer a free consultation to industry groups in these areas who qualify: IT professionals, medical professionals, scientists, C-suite professionals, senior managers in banking and funds management, and highly skilled engineers and more.

We can help bring teams of people here if you wish to relocate a large number or small.

If you think you qualify, please contact us.

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We understand how hard it can be for you to migrate to Australia.  However, we are determined to find the right pathway for you!