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(Subclass 188)

Business and investment migration

You may already be considering conducting a business, and want to set up in Australia.

You may qualify for a Business Skills visa which can be temporary or lead to a permanent visa. Business owners can be sponsored by a State or Territory government and investors also may qualify, depending on their asset base.

Do you:
- run your own business?
- have achieved turnover of over AUD$750,000 annually?
- have assets of over AUD$1.25 million?
- have a tertiary education?

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(Subclass 858)

Global Talent Visas

In Australia, there are special visas for highly talented individuals. We offer a free consultation to people in these areas who pre-qualify. You must be internationally recognised, have a nominator who can refer you and bring something valuable to Australia.

Do you:
- belong in a sector including resources, agriculture, energy, health industry, defence, space, digitech, fintech or education?
- earn over AUD$167,500 or purport to be able to achieve this?
- believe you are globally talented?

If you think you qualify, please contact us.

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(Subclasses 482, 186, 189, 190, 491, 494)

Employer sponsored and skilled migration

An employer can sponsor skilled employees, if vacancies cannot be filled in the local Australian market. This can also secure you a visa on a temporary or permanent basis. You can also be assessed on your skillset and not be sponsored. This is more complicated but better in the long run.

For a temporary visa, do you:
- have 2 years of full time work experience in your occupation?
- have an employer sponsor?
- if no employer, have you done a skill assessment and English test?

For a permanent visa, do you:
- have 3 years of full time work experience in your occupation?
- have an employer sponsor?
- if no employer, have you done a skill assessment and English test?

Ask for more information. We can help you now on finding the right visa!

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(Subclasses 143, 820, 801, 300, 309, 100)

Family and Partner

Reduce the distance and bring your loved ones into Australia to live, work and study. Family and parents overseas can qualify under the Family Migration Stream and must be sponsored by an Australian citizen or permanent resident who is a relative.

Partner visas are extremely popular in Australia. We can help you on the process end to end and usually get a fast turnaround time.

Do you:
- have a partner who is an Australian PR or citizen?
- have you been married or lived together for 12 months or registered your relationship in Australia?

For parent visas, do you:
- have a child sponsor who has been in Australia for 2 years?
- have most of your children in Australia on PR or citizens?
- want to have a temporary visa to spend more time with your children or grandchildren?

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(Subclasses 500, 485, 407, 590)

Student and Post graduation

Studying primary, secondary, tertiary and vocational training? What do you do after you study?

Do you:
- have a course you have enrolled into and have been accepted?
- have 12 months experience and need to get more work experience in your occupation?
- have a child who wants to study in Australia and you also want to come to Australia to be with them?
- know if you will graduate soon and want to find PR routes?
- want to know about graduate visa options and extensions?

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We understand how hard it can be for you to migrate to Australia.  However, we are determined to find the right pathway for you!